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Distinguish Speakers and Guest Lecturers

Prof. Duncan Gallie

Fellow of the British Academy, Professor of Sociology, Fellow of Nuffield College

Prof. Avner Offer

Fellow of the British Academy, Chichele Professor of Economic History, Fellow of All Souls College

Prof. Sir Michael Brady

Fellow of the British Academy, Professor in the Department of Oncology, Senior Research Scientist in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT

Prof. Graham Richards

Fellow of the Royal Society, Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), Former Head of the Department of Chemistry Fellow of Brasenose College

Ms. Liz Trubridge

Film and Television Producer, Executive Producer of “Downton Abbey” Golden Globe, Emmy, BAFTA and Primetime Awards winner

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Students Testimonial

Hu Zongqi - East China University of Science and Technoloy.

OPP Student
“As an engineering student, listening to these lectures has given me a chance to have a glance at the science and technology areas and encourage me to engage in deeper learning and in the future I can apply what I’ve learned in society. This is an unforgettable and valuable experience for me which has opened my eyes and given me an impetus to study harder and create more opportunities.”

Iris - Tsinghua University

VSP Student
“This was probably the fastest growing year of my life. Staying away from familiar family and friends and getting out of my comfort zone helped me to grow a lot. I like the process of writing a clear draft every week from seeing the title without having a clue to gradually creating a clear line of thought. Every complete essay would bring a sense of accomplishment.”

Chenghong - Zhejiang University

VSP Student
“My college is small, but very intimate. Every one will chat together in the dining hall. They will care about how you are going through the day. My tutors are superb, and they will be patient with their suggestions.”

Ollie Voak - York University

Looking China Student
“Spending three weeks in Beijing, China, has been a complete eye opener. Understanding the concept of filming in one of the trickiest locations in the world and communicating with Feiran, my Chinese partner, has definitely made me appreciate the production process in an entirely new way. This experience has been like no other.”

Huw Roberts - Oxford University

Experiencing China Student
“Experiencing China provided unparalleled ac- cess to leading academics and industry lead- ers in the burgeoning tech sector.”