Oxford Prospects Student Programme 

is designed for academically gifted university students from overseas. Students will sleep, dine and study in buildings hired from the historic colleges of Oxford. Our programmes of talks, activities and trips introduce students to life and culture in the UK as well as the opportunities available for postgraduate study and careers in Oxford and elsewhere.
Activities are selected for each course and will not be exactly the same on every programme. As a guide, our summer and winter programmes typically include:

  • talks by Oxford lecturers and others on academic subjects such as economics and finance, as well as aspects of UK culture such as British history, politics and manners
  • English classes oriented specifically to the needs of high-achieving university students: IELTS, business communication, presentation skills, etc.
  • a panel where students can discuss life in the UK with invited local government officials representing various political parties
  • workshops on opportunities for postgraduate study in the UK and careers in the UK’s financial sector
  • guided visits to Oxford’s historical and industrial centres including Oxford buildings, the Ashmolean museum and the Mini factory
  • a visit to London’s cultural highlights, including Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square
  • visits to leading employers such as ACCA, the Bank of England and the BBC
  • a day trip to a cultural centre outside London such as Blenheim Palace, Bath, Stonehenge or Cambridge
  • fun and social activities such as a film workshop, a party with UK students, a film evening, a concert, communal restaurant dinners, etc.

Course aims

Oxford Prospects programmes will:

  • select excellent students and provide a high standard of teaching by Oxford academics and others
  • increase your confidence in speaking English, and expect you to give a presentation in English at the end of the programme
  • take you to visit some of the UK’s principal tourist sites and high-profile employers
  • give you opportunities to socialise with Oxford-based students and teachers, and enourage you to make friends from among your fellow students.

Course objectives

After attending an Oxford Prospects programme, you will be able to:

  • use English with greater confidence and fluency, including in public speaking
  • speak knowledgeably in English about an aspect of life in the UK
  • compare and contrast the educational methods, history, culture and politics of the UK with those at home, using examples to support your arguments.

To apply for this programme you must:

  • be aged 18 or over on the day of arrival
  • be a university undergraduate or postgraduate student
  • have an adequate level of English (at least lower intermediate: approximately level B1/B2 or IELTS 5.0)

Applications are handled directly by our overseas partner universities. Please contact them directly for all questions relating to the application process, fees, etc.

Students on the Oxford Prospects Short Programme and many of our other programmes live, study and eat in the colleges of Oxford, hiring the same college facilities as Oxford’s students. We are delighted to be able to use accommodation, teaching rooms and catering provided by some of Oxford’s most beautiful colleges, including:

  • Brasenose College
  • Balliol College
  • Jesus College
  • Regent’s Park College
  • The Queen’s College
  • Wolfson College.

Winter programmes accommodation is arranged in Oxford local hotels, since the college accommodation is used by Oxford students in term time. 

  • Regent’s Park College (known colloquially within the university as Regent’s) is a permanent private hall of the University, situated in central Oxford, just off St Giles’. It is one of the few academic institutions within the University of Oxford to have accepted women as well as men since before the mid-twentieth century, with women attending the college since the 1920s.
  • Balliol College was founded in 1263 and is one of the oldest colleges in Oxford. Its former students include the economist Adam Smith, as well as three UK Prime Ministers and five Nobel laureates.
  • The Queen’s College was founded in 1341. Many of the current buildings date from the early 18th century and were designed by the foremost architects of the day, including Nicholas Hawksmoor and Christopher Wren, who also designed St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
  • Lincoln College, founded in 1427, has hosted our final dinner in its beautiful dining hall. Among its best-known alumni is John Radcliffe (1652–1714), who was physician to the King and Queen. Several Oxford buildings are named after him, including the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Radcliffe Science Library.
  • Jesus College was founded in 1571 by Queen Elizabeth I. Some of the accommodation and teaching rooms are in the original college buildings, and there are also bedrooms and lecture theatres in the new Ship Street Centre just across the road.
  • Founded in 1965, Wolfson College is one of the newest colleges of Oxford. Its tranquil riverside setting in the prestigious suburb of North Oxford, along with its stunning auditorium and excellent facilities, make it a great place to live and study.